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Deception in Post-Transaction Marketing

Post-transaction marketers have attracted criticism for solicitations that tend to deceive consumers. Offers often promise a savings or discount while actually charging customers on an ongoing basis. Offers often appear while customers are finishing … → Read More: Deception in Post-Transaction Marketing

Exploring Explortatory Search

Google’s recently released Image Swirl is slick. But I’ve been struggling to figure out whether it’s useful or simply a showcase for cool technology. And that’s prompted me to think about the overloaded term “exploratory search“. A while back, I tried to define exploratory search based on what it is not. This time, let me [...] → Read More: Exploring Explortatory Search

An Ad-Supported Model With Teeth?

A computer-implemented method for operating a device, the method comprising: disabling a function of an operating system in a device; presenting an advertisement in the device while the function is disabled; and enabling the function in response to the advertisement ending. So reads the first claim from a patent application that Apple recently filed (with [...] → Read More: An Ad-Supported Model With Teeth?

Call for Speakers: Enterprise Search Summit 2010

I’m no longer in the enterprise search business, but I know that many readers here are. If you are one of those readers, then I strongly encourage you to consider participating in the Enterprise Search Summit, which will take place next May in New York. I presented there last year and enjoyed the opportunity to [...] → Read More: Call for Speakers: Enterprise Search Summit 2010

Week 1 at Google: Information Overload!

As you might imagine, it’s quite a switch to go from criticizing Google from the outside to being on the inside. Jeff Jarvis, who was gracious enough not to make fun of me in public, nonetheless admitted to me privately that the news had made him chuckle. As I finish my first week, I can [...] → Read More: Week 1 at Google: Information Overload!

The Noisy Noogler: A Quick FAQ

I’m barely 24 hours into my new life as a Googler, and I’ve already gotten lots of questions! Here at the answers to a few of them: Will I continue blogging at The Noisy Channel? Absolutely! I’m committed to posting at least weekly, and I’ll try to do better than that once I’m settled into [...] → Read More: The Noisy Noogler: A Quick FAQ

Apologies for Slow Response Times

I am without my own laptop for a few days as I manage a transition between jobs. So I apologize in advance if I am slow to respond to email, comments, or tweets over the weekend. I’ll be back at full steam early next week.
→ Read More: Apologies for Slow Response Times

Going (to) Google

This is my last week at Endeca. The decision to leave has been a heart-wrenching one: not only have the past ten years been the best of my life, but my experiences at Endeca have defined me professionally. Moreover, Endeca is riding a wave of success with recent advances in our products, new relationships with [...] → Read More: Going (to) Google

Twitter Lists as an Influence Measure?

In “Using Twitter Lists To Judge Influence“, Todd Zeigler of the Bivings Report writes: I think Twitter Lists will end up helping separate the men from the boys when it comes to influence.  In addition to seeing a Twitter users follower count, we can now see the number of other Twitter users who have added [...] → Read More: Twitter Lists as an Influence Measure?

Tuning in to Google Music Search

With all of the activity around e-books last week, you might think that the online world wasn’t paying attention to the media category most transformed by the Internet music. But a week is a lifetime in the ADD-addled technology press, and today’s top story is that Google is “making search more musical“. From the official [...] → Read More: Tuning in to Google Music Search