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Please visit Ian’s post on Not Relevant for pre-prints of SIGIR 2011 accepted papers.

Longer or shorter conference papers?

The past few days have seen the review deadline for IJCAI papers, SIGIR papers, and SIGIR posters, of which I had 11 (mostly farmed out), 10, and 4 (all done myself), respectively. IJCAI had a six-page limit, whereas this year, SIGIR expanded their papers from the usual eight pages to ten.
I don’t know what [...] → Read More: Longer or shorter conference papers?

Hessian Optimal Design for image retrieval

Ke Lu, Jidong Zhao and Yue Wu Available online 19 November 2010. Abstract Recently there has been considerable interest in active learning from the perspective of optimal experimental design (OED). OED selects the most informative samples to minimize t… → Read More: Hessian Optimal Design for image retrieval


The aggregate analysis of emoticon use in newsgroups for science and politics tend on the whole to be consistent over the entire time period. Where possible, events that coincide with divergences from trends in language-subject pairs are noted. Political discourse in Italian over the period shows marked use of negative emoticons, and in Swedish, positive emoticons. → Read More: Emoticonsciousness

Relative status of journal and conference publications in computer science

Though computer scientists agree that conference publications enjoy greater status in computer science than in other disciplines, there is little quantitative evidence to support this view. The importance of journal publication in academic promotion makes it a highly personal issue, since focusing exclusively on journal papers misses many significant papers published by CS conferences. → Read More: Relative status of journal and conference publications in computer science

Review utility and reviewer gender

Another interesting paper at CIKM was “Inferring Gender of Movie Reviewers: Exploiting Writing Style, Content, and Metadata” (no link because the ACM digital library is currently broken), by Jahna Otterbacher. Working with a crawl of top-rated IMDB reviews for popular movies, the paper builds a logistic regression model for predicting reviewer gender. Features [...] → Read More: Review utility and reviewer gender

ICCGI 2010 Best Papers Award

Our paper received a Best Papers Award in Valencia:

Accelerating Image Retrieval using Binary Haar Wavelet Transform on the Color and Edge Directivity Descriptor. Savvas Α. Chatzichristofis, Yiannis S. Boutalis, and Avi Arampatzis. In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global Information Technology (ICCGI 2010), IEEE Computer Society, pp. 41-47, September 20-25, Valencia, Spain, → Read More: ICCGI 2010 Best Papers Award

Best Paper Award

My paper with Vicky Kalogeiton, Dim Papadopoulos and Yiannis Boutalis “A NOVEL VIDEO SUMMARIZATION METHOD BASED ON COMPACT COMPOSITE DESCRIPTORS AND FUZZY CLASSIFIER" awarded as the BEST PAPER* at the “1st International Conference for Under… → Read More: Best Paper Award

Vintage Cornell/SMART Tech Reports?

A few years ago, someone published an online interface to many old Cornell/SMART tech reports from the Salton group.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find them anywhere now.  Who can help correct this irony?
Update: Here is the SIGIR Digital Museum o… → Read More: Vintage Cornell/SMART Tech Reports?