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Google, Mobile and Competition: The Current State of Play

Edelman, Benjamin. “Google, Mobile and Competition: The Current State of Play.” CPI Antitrust Chronicle (Winter 2017). → Read More: Google, Mobile and Competition: The Current State of Play

Details, please

At a PARC Forum a few years ago, I heard Marissa Mayer mention the work they did at Google to pick just the right shade of blue for link anchors to maximize click-through rates. It was an interesting, if somewhat bizarre, finding that shed more light on Google’s cognitive processes than on human ones. I […] → Read More: Details, please

When is one>two and seven==eight?

So Google recently released the Google books N-gram viewer along with the datasets. There’s been plenty of press about it, and the Science article based on this data is an interesting read. I was trying to come up with a simple, yet insightful query. My initial trial was modernism,postmodernism which immediately had me wondering about [...] → Read More: When is one>two and seven==eight?

Google eBooks

So Google has unveiled its eBook store, setting itself up to compete with Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and everyone else selling books. Google offers its editions through the browser and on a range of devices such as Android phones and the iPad. The reading experience on the browser on my laptop was OK: not great, but the [...] → Read More: Google eBooks

Revealing details

Thanks to Mor Namaan, I came across an interesting blog post by Justin O’Beirne that analyzed the graphic design of several different maps — Google, Bing, and Yahoo — to show why Google maps tend appear easier to read and to use. The gist of the analysis is that legibility is improved through a number [...] → Read More: Revealing details


Those of you who’ve followed this blog and Jeremy Pickens’ blog will recall his many comments about Google’s un-Googly behavior. Recently, Benjamin Edelman actually tested the hypothesis about Google injecting bias into organic results. His post details several kinds of queries that don’t produce organic results. Which ones? Ones that are related to Google properties [...] → Read More: Evidence