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Gone Medium

I’ve recently switched platforms again. You can now find my posts on Medium.
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The Noisy Channel Has Moved To LinkedIn

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in my current writing. You can find my latest posts on my LinkedIn author page.
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Onward, Upward, and [In]ward

It’s that time — the end of another great year. It’s been a phenomenal year for LinkedIn, for my amazing team of data scientists, and for me personally. The end of year is also an exciting time of transition. I enter 2013 thinking about my daughter starting kindergarten, the house awaiting me after a lifetime […] → Read More: Onward, Upward, and [In]ward

Lily 5.0, LinkedIn 2.0

            What a wonderful week! On Tuesday, my daughter Lily turned 5. We celebrated by taking her out to her first karaoke night, where she had a blast (check her out singing Kimbra’s part in “Somebody That I Used To Know“) as did we! I’ll post a video soon. And […] → Read More: Lily 5.0, LinkedIn 2.0

Continuing to Post on LinkedIn

I just posted another pair of articles on LinkedIn:

Understanding Relevance
Relevance is Complicated

I’ll continue to use The Noisy Channel as a personal blog, but I’ll be focusing my publishing efforts on LinkedIn. Hope you’ll fol… → Read More: Continuing to Post on LinkedIn

Follow Me on LinkedIn!

I’ve recently started posting on LinkedIn as part of LinkedIn’s thought leadership program. My first two posts as an “influencer” are a bit meta: Influence and the Attention Economy Measuring Influence I’m curious to hear what you think — both of the content and of the platform. I have no immediate intention to migrate the […] → Read More: Follow Me on LinkedIn!

CIKM 2012: Notes from a Conference in Paradise

The moment I learned that CIKM 2012 would be held in Maui, I knew I had to be there. Having co-organized the CIKM 2011 industry event, I had enough karma to be invited as part of this year’s industry event, representing LinkedIn. PRE-CONFERENCE: PSEUNAMI WARNING AND A WORKSHOP I arrived in Maui on Sunday, October […] → Read More: CIKM 2012: Notes from a Conference in Paradise

Data By The People, For The People

I was fortunate this year not only to be able to attend the 21st ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2012) in Maui, but also to be invited as part of this year’s industry event, representing LinkedIn.
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LinkedIn at CIKM 2012

Last year, I had the pleasure of co-organizing the CIKM 2011 Industry Event in Glasgow. This year, I’m honored to be part of the CIKM 2012 Industry Event program, along with top industry researchers from Adobe, eBay, Google, Groupon, IBM, Microsoft, Tencent, and Walmart Labs. I’ll be giving a talk on “Data By The People, […] → Read More: LinkedIn at CIKM 2012

HCIR 2012: A Personal Report

Human-computer information retrieval (HCIR) is the study of information retrieval techniques that integrate human intelligence and algorithmic search to help people explore, understand, and use information. Since 2007, the HCIR Symposium (previously known as the HCIR Workshop) has provided a venue for the theoretical and practical study of HCIR. We even inspired an EuroHCIR workshop across the […] → Read More: HCIR 2012: A Personal Report