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Client-side search

When we rolled out the CHI 2013 previews site, we got a couple of requests for being able to search the site with keywords. Of course interfaces for search are one of my core research interests, so that request got me thinking. How could we do search on this site? The problem with the conventional […] → Read More: Client-side search

CHI 2013 Video Previews are live!

You might remember a while ago, we solicited some examples of videos for the Video Preview program for CHI 2013. Well, it took a while, but the CHI 2013 Video Previews web site is now live. The Video Previews are a new feature for the CHI Conference series, replacing the long-running CHI Madness daily plenary […] → Read More: CHI 2013 Video Previews are live!

Ghosts of CHI Madness past

Gonzalo Ramos and I are the video previews chairs for CHI 2013. Video previews are a new way of promoting and advertising CHI publications before, during, and after the conference.; they will replace the traditional live CHI Madness presentations. We would like to put together a small set of short videos (approx 30 seconds long) [...] → Read More: Ghosts of CHI Madness past