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EVIA deadline extended

We’ve received a couple of requests for more time to complete EVIA submissions, and so have extended the deadline to 23:59, GMT-12 on Friday, 2nd April. (Yes, I realize that the consequent does not necessarily follow from the antecedent, but we’re just naturally accommodating.) Note the timezone: the submission system is open as [...] → Read More: EVIA deadline extended


One of the most important emerging fields within information retrieval is that of complaining about SIGIR. It is a field of work with a very wide participation. Researchers complain about the upcoming deadline in January; reviewers complain about their reviewing load and the quality of submissions during February; the senior program committee complains [...] → Read More: SIGSIGIR

Come to EVIA, see California for free!

I’ve recently developed a morbid interest in the literature of financial disasters. In this vein, I’ve just finished reading Kindleberger et al., Manias, Panic, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises — an interesting book, but remarkable for the confused way the writing is organized, with constant re-iterations, digressions, and non-sequiturs, as if [...] → Read More: Come to EVIA, see California for free!

Guilty pleasures

Bertrand Russell’s practically-minded grandmother used to disapprovingly refer to his studies of higher mathematics as “this life you are leading”. I have my own bookish degeneracy, namely, books. When at work I think with guilty pleasure of getting home, getting into my armchair, and reading. Besides reading, my preferred pastime is — [...] → Read More: Guilty pleasures