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video text retouch

Several of us just returned from ACM UIST 2014 where we presented some new work as part of the cemint project.  One vision of the cemint project is to build applications for multimedia content manipulation and reuse that are as powerful as their analogues for text content.  We are working towards this goal by exploiting two key tools.  First, we […] → Read More: video text retouch

Information Interaction in Context 2014

I asked FXPAL alumni Jeremy Pickens to contribute a post on the best paper award at IIiX which is named after our late colleague Gene Golovchinsky.  For me, the episode Jeremy recounts exemplifies Gene’s willingness and generosity in helping others work though research questions.  The rest of this post is written by Jeremy. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Information Interaction […] → Read More: Information Interaction in Context 2014

LoCo: a framework for indoor location of mobile devices

Last year, we initiated the LoCo project on indoor location.  The LoCo page has more information, but our central goal is to provide highly accurate, room-level location information to enable indoor location services to complement the location services built on GPS outdoors. Last week, we presented our initial results on the work at Ubicomp 2014.  In […] → Read More: LoCo: a framework for indoor location of mobile devices

To cluster or to hash?

Visual search has developed a basic processing pipeline in the last decade or so on top of the “bag of visual words” representation based on local image descriptors.  You know it’s established when it’s in Wikipedia.  There’s been a steady stream of work on image matching using the representation in combination with approximate nearest neighbor search and […] → Read More: To cluster or to hash?

Copying and Pasting from Video

This week at the ACM Conference on Document Engineering, Laurent and Scott are presenting new work on direct manipulation of video.  The ShowHow project is our latest activity involving expository or “how to” video creation and use. While watching videos of this genre, it is helpful to create annotations that identify useful frames or shots […] → Read More: Copying and Pasting from Video