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Simplicity: Sparsity or Storytelling?

A tweet by @akumar prompted me to punch up this quick blogpost:

as with all controversial issues, there’s a positive in google trying bing/image – that they’re not afraid to learn from competition

What Amit is referring to is the recent addition of gorgeous photographic images as search page background.  See for example this [...]

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Seeing Stars

There is an interesting blogpost on the Official Google blog today, about seeing stars:

We’ve long believed that personalization makes search more relevant and fun. For nearly five years, we’ve been tailoring results with personalized search. Today we’re announcing a new feature in search that makes it easier for you to mark and rediscover [...]

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Embark Together

I would like to quickly follow up on my previous post on explicitly collaborative information seeking.  My claim in that post was that, despite the shared terminology, a service like Aardvark (or Twitter) is not truly collaborative.

Let me be clear about Aardvark: What that service does is help you comb through a network [...]

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Don’t Forget Explicitly Collaborative Information Seeking

A panel on Social Search is happening at SXSW right now.  Reading Danny Sullivan’s liveblogging, I came across the panel’s definition of the three distinct types of social searching.  And I think they left one out:

Collective (gathering advice from a crowd)
Friend Filtered (using your friends)
Collaborative (asking a friend — see also our The Rise [...] → Read More: Don’t Forget Explicitly Collaborative Information Seeking

Search in Social Media

What is Social Search as opposed to Social Media?  Social Search in Media?  Search in Social Media?
Next week, Gene Golovchinsky and I are moderating a pair of panels at the SSM workshop.  So we spent some time this week asking ourselves these definitional questions in preparation for the panel.  We came up with a lightweight [...] → Read More: Search in Social Media

Kasparov and Good Interaction Design

A NYT books article about Kasparov and chess, and the relationship between humans, machines, and decision processes is making the Twitter rounds today.  I don’t have time at the moment to write a long comment about it, but I do want to point out that it supports a position that I’ve been taking on this [...] → Read More: Kasparov and Good Interaction Design

What You Can Find Out

The Edge has published their annual question for 2010:
As an Information Retrieval research scientist, I of course was quite interested in what search folks had to say.  I found this blurb from Marissa Mayer intriguing:
It’s not what you know, it’s what you can find out. The Internet [...] → Read More: What You Can Find Out

Search versus Recommendation: Not The Only Tension

Greg Linden has an interesting post on Search on a domain like YouTube.  I reproduce it here because I would like to elaborate on it:
The article focuses on YouTube’s “plans to rely more heavily on personalization and ties between users to refine recommendations” and “suggesting videos that users may want to watch based on what [...] → Read More: Search versus Recommendation: Not The Only Tension