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Kno news is good news

Kno has announced the specs, price, and availability dates for its slate computers designed for the academic market. According to the Kno web site, the one- and two-screen devices will be available in the US on December 20th. The one screen device with 16GB ram will cost $599 for students, and the two screen device [...] → Read More: Kno news is good news

A platform for interactive search research

In her recent CIKM 2010 keynote address, Sue Dumais emphasized the importance of time to the understanding of to structure search over web collections. It was an provocative and inspiring talk, but one that left me with a sense of futility: how does a research group that doesn’t have access to a large scale search engine [...] → Read More: A platform for interactive search research

CFP: JCDL 2011

The 2011 ACM / IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL 2011) will take place June 13-17, 2011 in Ottawa, Canada. The JCDL conference series brings together researchers and practitioners interested in the application of technology to libraries and librarianship.
The theme for JCDL 2011 is “Digital Libraries: Bringing Together Scholars, Scholarship and Research Data”, in recognition [...] → Read More: CFP: JCDL 2011


Somebody named ITALONSOG posted a video that describes the motivation and some of the approach to real-time video capture implemented in NudgeCam, which John Adcock wrote about earlier. The video, set to Usher’s OMG (feat. Will.I.Am), consists of stills with Spanish text and some nifty “high-tech” backgrounds, and features a mug shot of FXPALer John [...] → Read More: NudgeCam.I.Am

Slides from CIKM 2010 Reverted Indexing talk

Slides from our conference presentation on reverted indexing are now online. → Read More: Slides from CIKM 2010 Reverted Indexing talk

On term selection in reverted indexing

Jeremy Pickens contributed to this post.
Jeremy did a great job of presenting our Reverted Indexing paper, but the short session made it difficult to answer all questions and comments thoroughly. For example, William Webber wrote up a post summarizing our work, in which he observed
The authors surmise that the reverted index is more effective because it [...] → Read More: On term selection in reverted indexing

Sue Dumais at CIKM 2010

Sue Dumais of MSR gave an excellent keynote address at CIKM last week, in which she emphasized the temporal nature of collections used for information retrieval and of the way people access information on the web. This was by far the most user-oriented talk at the conference that I attended, and a refreshing change from [...] → Read More: Sue Dumais at CIKM 2010

A future of search

Jamie Callan of CMU gave an interesting and thought-provoking keynote talk at CIKM 2010. While traditionally search engines have been used in a more or less direct manner to identify useful documents that the user would then (manually) incorporate into other tasks, Jamie suggested a new class of applications that would use search engines for [...] → Read More: A future of search

News from The USPTO

I had an interesting an informative (if internet-free) day at the PaIR workshop at CIKM today. One the highlights was a keynote by Marti Hearst, who is currently the Chief IT Strategist for the USPTO. She outlined many improvements to the the USPTO IT infrastructure that are in the works, scheduled for rollout some time [...] → Read More: News from The USPTO

Google tablet strategy, or lack thereof

I wonder what Google is up to. They’ve announced that Froyo is not designed for tablets, and rumor has it that Honeycomb, the preferred Android tablet flavor (honeycomb a flavor? oh well), won’t ship until some time 2011. Of course there’s the also the possibility of Google Chrome tablets.
The message this sends to hardware vendors, [...] → Read More: Google tablet strategy, or lack thereof