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Recall vs. Precision

Stephen Robertson’s talk at the CIKM 2011 Industry event caused me to think about recall and precision again. Over the last decade precision-oriented searches have become synonymous with web searches, while recall has been relegated to narrow verticals. But is precision@5 or NCDG@1 really the right way to measure the effectiveness of interactive search? If [...] → Read More: Recall vs. Precision

HCIR 2011 keynote

HCIR 2011 took place almost three weeks ago, but I am just getting caught up after a week at CIKM 2011 and an actual almost-no-internet-access vacation. I wanted to start off my reflections on HCIR with a summary of Gary Marchionini‘s keynote, titled “HCIR: Now the Tricky Part.” Gary coined the term “HCIR” and has been a [...] → Read More: HCIR 2011 keynote

Looking for volunteers for collaborative search study

We are about to deploy an experimental system for searching through CiteSeer data. The system, Querium, is designed to support collaborative, session-based search. This means that it will keep track of your searches, help you make sense of what you’ve already seen, and help you to collaborate with your colleagues. The short video shown below [...] → Read More: Looking for volunteers for collaborative search study

The curious case of the software patent

Critiques of software patents is all the rage lately, from bloggers like Daniel Tunkelang to the NPR. The list of problems with them includes that they stifle innovation, that they are tools to beat up small companies and startups, and that they are simply trading cards that big corporations use to protect each other at [...] → Read More: The curious case of the software patent

Dealing with censorship and other nonsense

The discussion on my previous post has raised some interesting and valid points regarding holding conferences in countries like China that block some (or all) internet traffic. Given that the conference has an audience that extends beyond the location of the conference, how can this audience be served in the presence of country-sponsored firewalls? Specifically, [...] → Read More: Dealing with censorship and other nonsense

Censoring conferences

A number of ACM groups have recently made decisions to hold their conferences in China. The list of major conferences includes CSCW2011, SIGIR2011,  Ubicomp 2011, and ICSE 2011, just to name a few. This seems like a strange trend. The purpose of academic conferences is to disseminate ideas in an open and public manner, and [...] → Read More: Censoring conferences

CFP: 3rd Workshop on Collaborative Information Retrieval

We are organizing a third workshop on collaborative information retrieval, this time in conjunction with CIKM 2011. The first workshop, held in conjunction with JCDL 2008, focused on definitional issues, models for collaboration, and use cases. The second workshop, held in conjunction with CSCW2010, explored communication and awareness as related to collaborative search. This third workshop will focus [...] → Read More: CFP: 3rd Workshop on Collaborative Information Retrieval

How much does time weigh?

As Miles wrote yesterday, our paper was accepted to SIGIR 2011. The idea that time has an impact in ranking documents is not new; the problem seems to be to know when to take it into consideration. For example, while Li and Croft showed improvements in ranking when incorporating the notion of recency, we found [...] → Read More: How much does time weigh?

TalkMiner update

Press release on TalkMiner. → Read More: TalkMiner update

Released: Reverted Indexing source code

Open-source release of Reverted Indexing library. → Read More: Released: Reverted Indexing source code