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Beyond Vanilla Visual Retrieval

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The presentation from professor Jiri Matas @ CBMI 2015

The talk will start with a brief overview of the state of the art in visual retrieval of specific objects. The core steps of the standard pipeline will be introduced and recent development improving both precision and recall as well as the memory footprint will be reviewed. Going off the beaten track, I will present a visual retrieval method applicable in conditions when the query and reference images differ significantly in one or more properties like illumination (day, night), the sensor (visible, infrared) , viewpoint, appearance (winter, summer), time of acquisition (historical, current) or the medium (clear, hazy, smoky). In the final part, I will argue that in image-based retrieval it might be often more interesting to look for most *dissimilar* images of the same scene rather than the most similar ones as conventionally done, as especially in large datasets these are just near duplicates.. As an example of such problem formulation, a method efficiently searching for images with the largest scale difference will be presented. A final demo will for instance show that the method finds surprisingly fine details on landmarks, even those that are hardly noticeable for human.


The presentation from professor Jiri Matas is available here.


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