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This morphing table can create a virtual version of you in realtime

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Keiichi Matsuda is excited about this invention and I can’t blame him: A solid table that reproduces a virtual version of anything that you put under its sensors—in realtime. You can see how it reproduces the hands moving in the clip above, but there’s more:

Created by Professor Hiroshi Ishii and his students at the MIT Media Lab, this tangible interfacestarts with cameras that capture objects in three dimensions. The 3D information is processed by a computer, which then moves the solid rods that form the center of the table. The result is a 3D replica of your hands.

The system would allow people to reproduce objects remotely and, of course, you can feed it any 3D data, including city maps.

Article from http://sploid.gizmodo.com/this-morphing-table-can-create-a-virtual-version-of-you-1458375473


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