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Attend the ACM MM’13 Open Source Software Competition:

  • M. Hildebrand, M. Brinkerink, R. Gligorov, M. Van Steenbergen, J. Huijkman, and J. Oomen: Waisda? Video Labeling Game
  • C.-Y. Huang, D.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Hsu, and K.-T. Chen: GamingAnywhere: An Open-Source Cloud Gaming Testbed

  • J. Wagner, F. Lingenfelser, T. Baur, I. Damian, F. Kistler, and E. Andre: The Social Signal Interpretation (SSI) Framework – Multimodal Signal Processing and Recognition in Real-Time

  • F. Eyben, F. Weninger, F. Groß, and B. Schuller: Recent Developments in openSMILE, the Munich Open-Source Multimedia Feature Extractor

  • I. Tsampoulatidis, D. Ververidis, P. Tsarchopoulos, S. Nikolopoulos, I. Kompatsiaris, and N. Komninos: ImproveMyCity – An open source platform for direct citizen-government communication

  • M. Lux: LIRE: Open Source Image Retrieval in Java

  • L. Tsochatzidis, C. Iakovidou, S. Chatzichristofis, and Y. Boutalis: Golden Retriever – A Java Based Open Source Image Retrieval Engine

  • R. Aamulehto, M. Kuhna, and P. Oittinen: Stage Framework – An HTML5 and CSS3 Framework for Digital Publishing

  • D. Bogdanov, N. Wack, E. Gómez, S. Gulati, P. Herrera, O. Mayor, G. Roma, J. Salamon, J. Zapata, and X. Serra: ESSENTIA: an Audio Analysis Library for Music Information Retrieval

  • C. Flynn, D. Monaghan, and N.E. O Connor: SCReen Adjusted Panoramic Effect – SCRAPE

  • H. Yviquel, A. Lorence, K. Jerbi, G. Cocherel, A. Sanchez, and M. Raulet: Orcc: Multimedia development made easy


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