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Onward, Upward, and [In]ward

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It’s that time — the end of another great year. It’s been a phenomenal year for LinkedIn, for my amazing team of data scientists, and for me personally.

The end of year is also an exciting time of transition. I enter 2013 thinking about my daughter starting kindergarten, the house awaiting me after a lifetime of apartment dwelling, and of course all the great things my team is setting out to accomplish.

One of those transitions concerns this blog. About a month ago, I started posting on LinkedIn as an “influencer” — one of a couple of hundred people privileged to use LinkedIn as a native publishing platform. The thousands of people following me there and engaging with my content have convinced me to go all in.

I will keep this site up with the hundreds of posts I’ve published over the past 4+ years, but I’ll put The Noisy Channel on mute for the foreseeable future. So, whether you’re a long-time reader or someone who just got here, I hope you’ll follow me on LinkedIn and read my posts there.

I’m excited about the upcoming year. There’s lots of great stuff on my team’s roadmap, as well as fun opportunities to participate in conferences. Hopefully I’ll see some of you at the Stanford Conference on Computational Social Science and at the O’Reilly Strata Conference. But most of all I hope to continue engaging with all of you offline and online.

Happy New Year, and see you on LinkedIn!


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