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ANN: Visual obs. & anal. of animal and insect behavior (VAIB12)

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Visual observation and analysis of animal and insect behavior (VAIB’12)

A 1 day workshop to be held November 11, 2012 at the 2012 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Tsukuba, Japan

There has been an enormous amount of research on analysis of video data of humans, but relatively little on visual analysis of other organisms. The goal of this workshop is to stimulate and bring together the current research in this area, and provide a forum for researchers to share expertise.

The following papers are planned for the program.


Mapping All Social Interactions in a Honeybee Hive
C. L. Luengo Hendriks, ZQ. Yu, A. Lecocq, B. Locke, O. Terenius

Bumblebees Detection and Tracking
B. D. Miranda-Maya, J. Salas-Rodriguez, P. Vera-Alfaro

Counting the Number of Bumblebees Entering and Leaving a Beehive
J. Salas-Rodriguez, P. Vera-Alfaro, B. D. Miranda-Maya

Local Appearance Feature Based Classification of the Theraphosidae Family
Ã. Utasi

3D Tracking of Building Process in Macrotermes
K. Petersen, N. Napp, J. Chin-Lee, J. Werfel, R. Nagpal

    Flying Animals

Vision System for Wingbeat Analysis of Bats in the Wild
M. Breslav, N. Fuller, M. Betke

Analysing the hovering flight of the hummingbird using statistics of the optical flow field
F. Martínez Carrillo, A. Manzanera, E. Romero

Error Analysis and Design Considerations for Stereo Vision Systems Used to Analyze Animal Behavior
G. Towne, D. H. Theriault, Z. Wu, N. Fuller, T. H. Kunz, M. Betke

    Ground Animals

Multiple Animal Species Detection Using Robust Principal Component Analysis and Large Displacement Optical Flow
P. Khorrami, JP. Wang, T. Huang

Rat behavior: human versus automatically generated annotation
E. A. van Dam

HMM Based Behavior Recognition of Laboratory Animals
S. Sandikci, P. Duygulu

Automated tracking of motor behavior as a means to assess severity of symptoms in the 6-OHDA marmoset model of Parkinson’s disease
T. Palmer, M. Santana, Fuentes, Petersson

Learning animal social behavior from trajectory features
E. Eyjolfsdottir, X. P. Burgos-Artizzu, S. Branson, K. Branson, D. J. Anderson, P. Perona

    Fish and other marine animals

Three-dimensional behavior measurements of small aquatic lives using a single camera
K. Kawasue, S. Nagatomo, Y. Oya

Using non-local background modeling to quantify the schooling behaviour of sticklebacks
S. Tavare R. Ardekani, A. K. Greenwood, C. L. Peichel

Using Sparse Representation for Fish Recognition and Verification in Real World Observation
Yi-Haur, F.-P. Lin

Long-term underwater camera surveillance for monitoring and analysis of fish populations
B. J. Boom, P. X. Huang, C. Spampinato, S. Palazzo, J. He, C. Beyan, E. Beauxis-Aussalet, J. van Ossenbruggen, G. Nadarajan, Y.-H. Chen-Burger, D. Giordano, L. Hardman, F.-P. Lin, R. B. Fisher

Marker-Based Tracking of Subsurface Locomotion in Noisy Environments
M. M. Serrano, S. Sharpe, D. I. Goldman, P. A. Vela

More information can be found at: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/vaib12.html
For registration, see the main ICPR web site: http://www.icpr2012.org


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