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Postdoc and PhD positions at the University of Amsterdam

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The University of Amsterdam seeks a versatile, highly motivated
Post-doctoral researcher and PhD candidate to work on dedicated
retrieval tools for Web archives.  The positions are part of the WebART
project (Web Archive Retrieval Tools), conducted in close collaboration
with the Web archive of the Dutch National Library (KB) The Hague, and
the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
(CWI).  WebART is funded through the Netherlands Organization for
Scientific Research (NWO) under its Continuous Access To Cultural
Heritage (CATCH) program.

The advent of the Web has had a revolutionary impact on how we acquire,
share and publish information.  In fact, it has a fundamental impact on
our daily lives that increasingly take place "on the Web."  However,
this increasing dependence on the Web comes at a price: the ease of
publishing on the Web also results in the easy loss of information---Web
content tends to be ephemeral.  The WebART project will critically
assess the value of Web archives for realistic research scenarios, and
develop information access tools and methods that maximize the archive's
utility for research.   Our approach is to conduct actual Web archive
research hand-in-hand with the development of Web archive access tools
tailored to the realistic research scenarios.  Technically, we will use
structured DB/IR technology to let searchers construct, store, share,
and reuse complex search strategies corresponding to emerging digital
research methods for the Web and Web archive.


(1) Post-doctoral researcher (3 years full-time)

The postdoc will work on digital methods supporting Web and Web Archive

The candidate should hold a PhD in a relevant subject, and have a strong
background in:
1. New Media, especially the Web and Web archiving;
2. Digital research methods specific to the Web as a medium; and
3. Critical reflection on current Web and Web archive practices.
Extensive experience in applied Web (archive) projects is a must.
Experience with related methods from the social and exact sciences, such
as social network analysis, Web link based methods or visual analytics,
is a definite advantage.

(2) PhD candidate

The PhD candidate will work on complex search support tools for the Web
and Web Archive.

The PhD candidate should hold a research-oriented Master's degree
(MSc/MA) or an equivalent qualification, and have a strong background or
demonstrable interest in:
1. Information retrieval, especially in statistical language modeling;
2. Semi-structured data, semantic annotation, and linked data; and
3. Interactive information access.
Solid programming skills are a must.  Research experience or
demonstrable interest in research on Web archives and the Web, is a
definite advantage.

(3) The project has another position on distributed computing and data
storage (Research Programmer, 4 years full-time) that will be advertised

Job application

Details of the vacancies are here:
- Postdoc position:
- PhD position:

Applications should include a letter of motivation, a detailed
curriculum vitae, a publication list and two letters of reference.  The
application should be sent -- on or before December 7, 2011 -- by e-mail
to <webarchiving@gmail.com>.  Please quote the vacancy number.

More information

A detailed description of the WebART project can be found at
<http://nwo.nl/catch/webart/>.  For further details contact Jaap Kamps
(e-mail <kamps@uva.nl>).

The project is jointly supervised by

Jaap Kamps     <http://staff.science.uva.nl/~kamps/>
Richard Rogers <http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/r.a.rogers/>
Arjen de Vries <http://homepages.cwi.nl/~arjen/>

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