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3D Photo Ring

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Is the default ‘Photos’ app on the iPhone too limiting, too boring and not convenient enough for your needs? Do you want to use a novel and amazing 3D interface for browsing, searching, and presenting your photos with the iPhone?

Photo Ring turns your iPhone into a convenient 3D photo browser with a stunning interface that enables you to keep track of hundreds of photos at a glance. Moreover, its color sorting technology allows you to save time on task and provides you with a 3D slideshow feature that allows for an automized presentation of your photos. Due to its innovative and natural 3D arrangement and powerful color-based organization feature, searching for photos on your iPhone and showing them to your friends becomes an exiting and fun task!


  • Innovative and intuitive 3D browsing interface (zoomable 3D Ring)
  • Interactive 3D slideshow (animated 3D Wall; with pause/fast-forward/reverse feature)
  • Convenient interaction (e.g., kinetic ring rotation by wipe or tilt)
  • Sorting of photos by recording time
  • Sorting of photos by color
  • Inspection of EXIF/TIFF metadata of photos
  • Browsing of photos from different folders/events
  • Fullscreen photo mode with convenient switching function

PhotoRing is available for iPhone and iPad!

Important note (Nov 5, 2011): if your iPhone/iPad doesn’t run iOS 5 already, please wait until our next update (v2.2, available in a few days), which will fix a serious bug that only occurs for older iOS versions and prevents the app from loading your photos.




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