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It Just Works

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Given that I work for the world’s largest professional network, I take work very personally. I’m also deeply involved in LinkedIn’s hiring process, which gives me opportunities to see how people make career decisions. I thought I’d share my own perspective here.

For me there are three things that matter to me about my work:

  1. Do I love the work I do? Does work feel like play, stimulating me intellectually and emotionally? Am I excited about the people I work with? Is work a grind, or is it something I do for fun?
  2. Is the work I do of value to my employer? Am I justifying my employer’s investment in me, or am I a freeloader lost in the inefficiency of corporate bureaucracy?
  3. Is my work making the world a better place? Specifically, is the work I do making the world by more like the world I want to live in?

Not everyone may share my above values, and in any case not every job can address all of these values. But I am fortunate to have found one that does, and I’m loving it. To borrow a phrase, it just works.

If you haven’t seen this video by Dan Pink on what motivates people, I urge you to watch it. It’s a great reminder that there is more to motivation than economic incentives.

Finally, I hope that you are doing work that fulfills you. As I work to grow my great team at LinkedIn, my mission is not only to to bring great people to LinkedIn, but bring great work and fulfillment to great people. Whatever you do, be amazing.


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