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Information Retrieval Researcher / Engineer at eBay

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Researchers and Research Engineers,
Text-Based Information Retrieval
Search Science, eBay, Inc.
in San Jose, California, USA

eBay is looking for experts in web-scale Text-based Information Retrieval and Text Modeling / Mining to join the Search Science team. The eBay search engine serves more than 350 million queries every day, managing an inventory that is constantly changing and diverse, covering the gamut from hairpins to Ferraris. The Search Science team at eBay works on a broad set of research problems including user behavior modeling,query and document understanding, and the application of statistical and machine-learning techniques to advanced models for information retrieval.

We are looking for researchers and research engineers to help us advance the state of science in information retrieval for e-Commerce. Positions are available at various levels. All positions are in San Jose, California.


  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related field.
  • Expertise in Information Retrieval and Text modeling, with related industry experience.
  • Strong statistical and machine learning background.
  • Experience and proficiency in Java and/or C++, Perl or similar scripting languages, and distributed processing of documents and web logs using Hadoop.
  • Track record of deploying cutting edge technology in an industrial setting.

To Apply
By email: smohan@ebay.com


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