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Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure engineers

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Microsoft is hiring for full-time engineering positions in Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure, located in Redmond WA and Aliso Viejo, CA, USA. Interviews will take place in Athens during the month of June. Interested applicants are requested to send their resume to sqlrecruit@microsoft.com by June 3rd 2011.

If you are a talented, motivated engineer looking for a growth opportunity to make a huge impact in the database systems world, this is your dream job.

The database industry is at a unique moment in its history. The next generation of breakthroughs in business and science will be enabled by data-centric computing. New customer needs and technology trends are coming together to reshape the industry as we know it. Cloud computing is gaining traction to reshape the datacenter. Technology advancements like large memory, non-volatile memory, highly parallel processors, ever larger Solid State Drives (SSD) demand a significant revision of prevailing architectures of database products.

The SQL Server/Azure team is making a significant investment in making the application development & deployment experience seamless from the desktop all the way to the Cloud. Our mission is to build a rich platform for data processing at unprecedented scale and low total cost of ownership. We are poised to build the next generation engine capabilities aligned with hardware trends for mission critical OLTP applications, large scale Data Warehousing and web-scale applications. To deliver on our vision there are several engineering challenges to be tackled. We have a slew of tough systems problems in distributed data processing, scalability and reliability, rich query processing and T-SQL capabilities, which requires a significant shift in how we design, architect and validate systems.

Join us to help make our mission a reality. Every day you will be working on technology that is used by millions of customers to power their businesses.

Candidate Qualifications

• Strong technical skills, the ability to apply research, innovative ideas & test methodologies for complex systems level technical problems
• Strong multi-threaded programming (C++, C#) and debugging skills. The ability to architect & design complex systems.
• The ability to design customer focused end to end test scenarios and unit testing strategies.
• Candidates with a MS/PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics/Physics or engineering.
• Self-driven individuals with a willingness to learn.
• Masters, PhD, research or industry experience in database systems, distributed computing, high availability, recovery, query processing compilers, or operating systems would be strongly preferred.
• Junior and experienced candidates are encouraged to apply.


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