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“Semantic search log analysis” by Hollink, Tsikrika, and de Vries. Categorize the semantic classes of query reformulations. For a professional image search service, the most common non-identity reformulation is to find the spouse of the first query’s result.

A call to boycott ACM and IEEE program committees and journal reviewing until they allow free distribution of final paper versions. I sympathize, but it’s selfish to boycott reviewing if you’re not boycotting submitting, and there are no IR venues of repute that allow free paper distribution.

Progress in e-discovery technology making lawyers redundant; and similar progress in linguistic technology to hollow out other professions. This report has gone viral, with Paul Krugman using it as the basis for an opinion piece on the shrinking employment utility of mass university education.

The Australian Academy of Science reviews the evidence for climate change. The “Trends in Australia Rainfall” graph (Figure 3.6) is particularly disheartening.

A laptop with a built-in eye tracker.

HTML5+CSS are Turing complete.


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