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2 PhD Positions Announcement

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The dbTrento group at the University of Trento, Italy, invites
applications for 2 PhD positions (deadline Mar16).

Open PhD Positions
The Data Management group at the University of Trento,
dbTrento, is seeking 2 strong and motivated PhD candidates
to work on topics related to:

1) "Real-time Business Intelligence"
(contact: Prof. Themis Palpanas)
2) "DB Schema and Schema Mapping Evolution"
(contact: Prof. Yannis Velegrakis)

The research will be performed in the framework of the ERC
Advanced Grant project "Lucretius: Foundations for Software
Evolution" (John Mylopoulos). The aim is to develop novel
techniques for designing software systems that can evolve
in response to changes to their requirements and/or
operational environment.

Interested candidates should possess good knowledge in
the areas of databases, data management, and data analysis,
and have a good command of English.
Details for how to apply are at the end of this message.

The dbTrento group is highly active in several topics
related to data management and offers a exciting working

The Department of Information Engineering and Computer
Science (DISI) is one of the leading and fastest-growing
research institutions in Italy and Europe, participating
in the European Institute of Technology (EIT). It is
characterized by a young and international faculty and by
a large, international student population.

Trento is a vibrant city with a beautifully preserved
historic center, consistently ranked among the best cities
for quality of life in Italy. It offers a variety of
cultural and sports opportunities all year around, as well
as excellent food and wine.

How to Apply
The deadline for applications is March 16, 2011, 13:00 CET.

Interested candidates should apply online (see url below),
and select
- for the 1st position, the title: "Evolving socio-technical
- for the 2nd position, the title: "Evolving software,
databases and services".

A CV, with names of 3 references, should also be emailed
to either Prof. Themis Palpanas (themis@disi.unitn.eu), or
Prof. Yannis Velegrakis (velgias@disi.unitn.eu).

[1] dbTrento group: http://db.disi.unitn.eu
[2] DISI web site: http://disi.unitn.it
[3] Research at DISI: http://disi.unitn.it/research
[4] PhD School: http://ict.unitn.it/
[5] Online application for PhD Positions:

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