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Revealing details

Thanks to Mor Namaan, I came across an interesting blog post by Justin O’Beirne that analyzed the graphic design of several different maps — Google, Bing, and Yahoo — to show why Google maps tend appear easier to read and to use. The gist of the analysis is that legibility is improved through a number [...] → Read More: Revealing details

Follow The Data

Today is my last day at Google. I have enjoyed an incredible year there, during which I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the smartest engineers on the planet. Working at Google taught me how much impact a handful of dedicated people can have on the lives of billions of users. Not that [...] → Read More: Follow The Data

No such thing as bad press?

A recent NY Times article exposed the machinations of a sleazy guy who ran an online business that relied on links — positive, negative, whatever — to his web site that caused it to be promoted in Google search results. In fact, he found that by being nasty to his customers, his rankings improved. The [...] → Read More: No such thing as bad press?

Google Fixes DecorMyEyes.com Problem

This afternoon Amit Singhal, from Google Search Quality, wrote a blog post about how Google fixed the recent DecorMyEyes.com fiasco. The store was broken by the NY Times article exposing how a disreputable merchant gained high ranking by being mean to… → Read More: Google Fixes DecorMyEyes.com Problem

Image Processing in Windows Presentation Foundation (.NET Framework 3.0)

Many image processing researchers which they develop on .NET/C# they still stuck in GDI+. That means, they still using the unsafe bracket and by pointers they get the image information. This has changed since the introduction of the Windows Presentat… → Read More: Image Processing in Windows Presentation Foundation (.NET Framework 3.0)

A Comparison of Open Source Search Engines

A report by
Christian Middleton & Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Excerpt from the Introduction:

As the amount of information available on the websites increases, it becomes necessary to give the user the possibility to perform searches over this infor- mation. When deciding to install a search engine in a website, there exists the possibility to use a commercial search engine or → Read More: A Comparison of Open Source Search Engines