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Dear Facebook, What is the performance of your face recognizer? Thanks!

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As far as I can tell, Facebook must have one of the largest collection of images with face tags. I can’t imagine any Facebook employee with even a few weeks of a machine learning course under their belt hasn’t tried to train a model to perform face recognition on their data.

Does anyone know of publications using this proprietary data? I mean the whole thing, not just samples we all have access to in our local networks.

A few more questions for those with the data:

  • how much does the social network data help in recognizer performance?  other profile data?
  • if you suppress all image data for an individual, can you still recognize them with non-random accuracy?
  • can you infer any of the structured content in a profile from image data?
  • have any companies or government organizations asked you for access to this data?

No need to share the data, just the results.

UPDATE: Facebook (now?) has the following Privacy setting,

Suggest photos of me to friends

When photos look like me, suggest my name

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