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My publications coming up at EVIA 2010 / NTCIR-8

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Just to remind myself…

Sakai, T., Craswell, N., Song, R., Robertson, S., Dou, Z. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Simple Evaluation Metrics for Diversified Search Results,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Ranking Retrieval Systems without Relevance Assessments – Revisited,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Song, R., Qi, D., Liu, H., Sakai, T., Nie, J.-Y., Hon, H.-W. and Yu, Y.:
Constructing a Test Collection with Multi-Intent Queries,
EVIA 2010 Proceedings, 2010.

Gey, F., Larson, R., Kando, N., Machado, J. and Sakai, T.:
NTCIR-GeoTime Overview: Evaluating Geographic and Temporal Search,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Ishikawa, D., Sakai, T. and Kando, N.:
Overview of the NTCIR-8 Community QA Pilot Task (Part I): The Test Collection and the Task,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Mitamura, T., Shima, H., Sakai, T., Kando, N., Mori, T., Takeda, K., Lin, C.-Y., Song, R., Lin, C.-J. and Lee, C.-W.:
Overview of the NTCIR-8 ACLIA Tasks: Advanced Cross-Lingual Information Access,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T., Ishikawa, D. and Kando, N.:
Overview of the NTCIR8 Community QA Pilot Task (Part II): System Evaluation,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Sakai, T., Shima, H., Kando, N., Song, R., Lin, C.-J., Mitamura, T., Sugimoto, M. and Lee, C.-W.:
Overview of NTCIR-8 ACLIA IR4QA,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

Song, Y.-I., Liu, J., Sakai, T., Wang, X.-J., Feng, G., Cao, Y., Suzuki, H. and Lin, C.-Y.:
Microsoft Research Asia with Redmond at the NTCIR-8 Community QA Pilot Task,
NTCIR-8 Proceedings, 2010.

They will be available online at


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