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I know there’s lots of interesting stuff coming out at the Chirp Twitter developer conference this week, and I’m still catching up on it all. But I am happy to point folks to a Google Labs application that was announced this morning: Follow Finder.

It’s not the first application to suggest Twitter followers based on analysis of the social graph, but I’ve actually found its suggestions to be quite plausible. For example, it suggests @fredwilson, @cshirky, @mattcutts, @peteskomoroch, and @msftresearch as “tweeps” I should follow, and suggests that the following users have similar followers to mine: @endeca, @lemire, @yahooresearch, @googleresearch, and @mattcutts.

There’s a bit of an “everything sounds like Coldplay” effect (e.g., @fredwilson shows up in a lot of the searches I tried), but overall I’m impressed with the quality, especially compared to the other suggestion tools I’ve tried.


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