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Earlier this week, I read about Unvarnished on TechCrunch and was extremely curious about this “Yelp for LinkedIn” making a bold play in the online reputation space. My curiosity should be no surprise to folks who have read my recent posts about distributed trust networks and solicited reviews. Anyway, I decided to go straight to the source and persuaded Unvarnished CEO Peter Kazanjy to invite me to the beta.

My impression so far: they’ve done a great job of collecting profiles, but the reviews themselves are pretty sparse. Moreover, most of the reviews I’ve seen so far are positive–hardly the bloodbath that the blogosphere has been predicting. Membership is relatively non-anonymous (you need to sign in through Facebook Connect), but your actual reviews are posted anonymously.

Since Unvarnished is trying to collect reviews, it’s not surprising that the way to join the beta…is to review someone. If you want to try it out and don’t mind reviewing me (anonymously) as the price of entry, let me know, and I’ll send you an invite (we’ll have to connect on Facebook first).

p.s. No, this is not an April Fool’s Joke. At least not on my part!


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