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The Evolution of Social Search

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Earlier this week, I had the good fortune to attend the New York Semantic Web Meetup, which featured three excellent presentations. I’ll confess that I primarily attended the event in order to learn more about open data platform Factual, particularly to see how it compares to Freebase and Google Squared.

But I found the other two presentations, “The Evolution of Social Search“ by Nitya Narasimhan and “User Interfaces for the Semantic Web” by Duane Degler, even more compelling. Hopefully I’m not just biased because they both mentioned me in their slides!

I really wish Nitya’s session had been recorded as a video, but the slides embedded above will have to suffice for those who couldn’t see it live. Hopefully they communicate Nitya’s framing of the social search space. She does a great job of weaving together the various strands of social search: people as sensors promoting “real-time” content, social filters to reflect personalized notions of trust, and routers to leverage the collective intelligence of crowds. She gives tons of examples and links for further reading. Hopefully I’ll get her to give this talk again–with less stringent time constraints–and record it for online viewing.


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