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Guilty pleasures

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Bertrand Russell’s practically-minded grandmother used to disapprovingly refer to his studies of higher mathematics as “this life you are leading”. I have my own bookish degeneracy, namely, books. When at work I think with guilty pleasure of getting home, getting into my armchair, and reading. Besides reading, my preferred pastime is — being at work. Staying home, on holiday, renders me liable to impressment into the sort of extended, aimless social activity that leaves me feeling vaguely psychopathic. My partner and I are in the happy equilibrium of being able to return home, me from work, her from the beach, and commiserating each the other on the rigours endured. My officemate Anh artfully combines the two activities; he feigns work so as to get time away from his family at the weekend, in the office, reading novels.


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