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Forget Real-Time, Give Us Over Time!

In a recent announcement, Twitter Platform / API Product Manager Ryan Sarver tells us that Twitter is: committed to providing a framework for any company big or small, rich or poor to do a deal with us to get access to the Firehose in the same way we did deals with Google and Microsoft. We want [...] → Read More: Forget Real-Time, Give Us Over Time!

Faceted Web Search?

Researchers from Microsoft say it’s very challenging. Google is trying, but there’s a long way to go. And Eric Iverson just wrote me to describe his own preliminary efforts to build faceted search on top of Yahoo! BOSS. I believe there’s a clearly established business case for faceted search inside the enterprise, for site search [...] → Read More: Faceted Web Search?

R.I.P. Modista

Long-time readers may recall my post about visual search startup Modista last November, or this guest post by one of its principals. Unfortunately, the story has a sad ending. I hope that both this technology and its developers find a good home.
→ Read More: R.I.P. Modista

Recovering From Being Hacked

I discovered today that I’d been hacked earlier this week by a spam link injection attack. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I believe I’ve cleaned out all of the offending PHP from my WordPress installation. I’ve also removed most of my plug-ins in the process, and I may have broken some things [...] → Read More: Recovering From Being Hacked

Blogs I Read: UXmatters

According to Wikipedia, user experience is “the overarching experience a person has as a result of their interactions with a particular product or service, its delivery, and related artifacts, according to their design.” While I’ve never labeled myself a designer, I have always cared deeply about user experience, even back before my information retrieval days, [...] → Read More: Blogs I Read: UXmatters

LinkedIn Faceted Search Now Out Of Beta

LinkedIn started rolling out a beta version of faceted people search back in July. Now it’s officially out of beta, as announced on their blog. I’ve re-posted the video above in case you missed it in July. Interestingly, LinkedIn developed its own tool to support the combination of faceted search with social network search: Bobo-Browse [...] → Read More: LinkedIn Faceted Search Now Out Of Beta

Karaoke: A Hotbed for Micro-IR?

I’m a karaoke junkie and proud to admit it. But one of the challenges I regularly face, especially when I go to an unfamiliar karaoke joint, is finding a song I know well enough to sing. I’m sure I’m not the only person who encounters this micro-IR problem, and it occurred to me that there [...] → Read More: Karaoke: A Hotbed for Micro-IR?

Faceted Search Presentation at New York CTO Club

Otis Gospodnetic and I recently gave a talk at the New York CTO Club on faceted search. The club is a group of senior technologists who meet monthly in midtown Manhattan to host breakfast presentations and to share ideas and expertise. Those of you who have read my book or attended the UIE virtual seminar [...] → Read More: Faceted Search Presentation at New York CTO Club

Blogs I Read: Living La Vida Local

My new role at Google (yes, it still feels new after not quite a month!) has given me a professional interest in local search. I’ve adjusted my reading materials accordingly, and I’ve started reading blogs that focus on local. Here are a handful that I’ve discovered so far: BIA / Kelsey Blog By The Kelsey [...] → Read More: Blogs I Read: Living La Vida Local

Payment Card Network Rules Prohibit Aggressive Post-Transaction Tactics

Post-transaction marketers crucially rely on automatic transfer of consumers’ payment card numbers — copying a customer’s credit card number from a merchant (where the consumer intentionally made a purchase) to a post-transaction marketer’s membership… → Read More: Payment Card Network Rules Prohibit Aggressive Post-Transaction Tactics