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Week 1 at Google: Information Overload!

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As you might imagine, it’s quite a switch to go from criticizing
Google from the outside to being on the inside. Jeff Jarvis, who was
gracious enough not to make fun of me in public, nonetheless admitted
to me privately that the news had made him chuckle.

As I finish my first week, I can sum the experience in a word:
overwhelming. The tools for accessing internal information are better
than I expected, but both the volume of baseline knowledge–technical
and cultural–and the relentlessness of the update stream are

Indeed, the internal ecosystem is so rich that it’s easy to forget
there is a world outside it–ironic given Google’s enormous role in the world outside it! Then again, this is just my first week–it will take me
some time to pop up the stack from the build system to the surface.


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