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TREC Blog track 2009

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We have just released a draft of the guidelines for the TREC 2009 Blog track.
Compared to previous years, the Blog track 2009 aims to investigate more refined and complex search scenarios. In particular, we propose to run two tasks in TREC 2009:
  • Faceted blog distillation: a more refined version of the blog distillation task that addresses the quality aspect of the retrieved blogs and mimics an exploratory search task. The task can be summarised as “Find me a good blog with a principal, recurring interest in X“. We propose several facets for the TREC 2009 blog distillation task, which may be of varying difficulty to identify for the participant systems.
  • Top stories identification: a new pilot task that addresses the news dimension in the blogosphere. Systems are asked to identify the top news stories of a given day, and to provide a list of relevant blog posts discussing each news story. The ranked list of blog posts should have a diverse nature, covering different/diverse aspects, perspectives or opinions of the news story.
The new Blogs08 collection, an up-to-date and large sample of the blogosphere from January 2008 to February 2009, will be used for both tasks.
We welcome feedback. Please feel free to post feedback and comments about the proposed tasks for 2009.

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